Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Poetry: Copyright

Most of the work I post as part of Poem of the Day and Poem of the Week has either been reproduced online or self-published online; copyright, therefore, isn't really a consideration -- in the former case most pieces are freely available because they are out of copyright, in the latter the pieces have been published freely by the author (besides which, as much as possible I link back to the original source). With some pieces I present, however, copyright is in force -- technically, by reproducing those works, I'm breaching it. Hence this statement:

I do not intend to violate any copyright by presenting poetry here. All chosen pieces are work I have genuinely enjoyed, admire, or in some other way feel are worthy of sharing with others. I am not trying to pass any work off as my own (with the obvious, rare, exception of work that is mine) or profit from work I have no stake in (this site is entirely free). I aim to provide full and correct accreditation for all work reproduced and, where possible, point readers to the appropriate published work, be that via the publisher's website, online retailers, or both. Additionally, I am not a member of any retailer's affiliate schemes, so if readers do choose to make a purchase from a link on this blog it does not benefit me in any way.

If you are the publisher, author, or other interested party, and require any piece to be removed for copyright reasons, please ask and I will be happy to comply as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Just in case you haven't noticed, may I direct your attention to the top left of this blog, where there is a handy Search feature. If there's something you're looking for that doesn't have it's own category, try that out.

So, for example, if you wanted to find out if I've ever watched Have I Got News For You, just type it into the Search box and click Search Blog. The same process applies to any other TV show, film, book, author, graphic novel, band, solo artist, album, game, magazine... you get the idea.

This service used to be absolutely perfect, but at some point Blogger have completely mucked it up. Please be aware, therefore, that you're not necessarily seeing all relevant posts when you search for something.