Wednesday, 17 September 2008


God, the Devil and Bob
1x12 God's Girlfriend
Nearly the end :(

Lost in Austen
Part 3 (of 4)


The Cosmos Rocks by Queen + Paul Rodgers
Finally, it has arrived -- and it's brilliant. Hurrah! Packed with variety in a way only Queen seem to know how to do -- especially these days, when the first-listen of a new album often sounds like the same track played 10 times on loop. Stand out tracks for me (after one listen, mind) were:
  • Cosmos Rockin' -- a great opener; should've been the single, if you ask me
  • Time to Shine
  • Small
  • Call Me -- very different to the rest (a comment that could be used for several songs, but none more so than this)
  • Say It's Not True -- released as a free single last year, it's still a great song.
  • That's just picking five from 14, mind, as I could also have mentioned Warboys, We Believe, Some Things That Glitter, C-lebrity, and Surf's Up... School's Out! The weakest moment, I thought, was track 3, Still Burnin'. It's by no means a bad song, but it suffers from poor placement -- too similar in theme to track 1, it would've been more effective as the final or penultimate track.
    Still, these are minor gripes with an otherwise wonderful piece of work. Hurray!


    Alasdair Dewar Interview
    "Exclusive Interview with Alasdair Dewar, Product Development Director of Character Group Plc, Maker of Doctor Who Action Figures". Clearly conducted via email too, but it does have some very interesting bits.

    Fowl Author to Pen New Hitchhiker’s Guide Book by Dave Golder
    (from SFX)
    "Douglas Adams’s widow, Jane Belson, has given her blessing for Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer to write a sixth Hitchhiker’s novel, 16 years after Mostly Harmless [the 5th, and to date final, book in the trilogy] was published." Titled And Another Thing..., it's due out in October 2009.

    Fox tackles contemporary Dwarfs by Nellie Andreeva
    "Fox is developing a contemporary take on the classic Walt Disney tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs... Tentatively titled Georgia and the Seven Associates, the hourlong dramedy... is tonally described as The Devil Wears Prada meets Taxi set in Los Angeles' legal circles. It centers on Georgia Burnett, a young lawyer who is banished from a top law firm run by her stepmother and forced to team up with seven quirky lawyers at a storefront legal office... The associates at the firm will have the personalities of the Seven Dwarfs. For instance, Doc is an ambulance chaser who carries neck braces in his trunk, and Sleepy is a bike messenger who parties at night and naps in the office. Some of the legal cases will be modernized fairy tales, like one about three people whose homes were taken away by Wolf Corp. However, 'the tone we are looking to do is grounded, and the humor comes out of the characters,' Brancato said." A 'grounded' tone, with those characters and that idea? Good luck!

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    Thunderbirds (UK BD) in September by Dave Foster
    (from DVD Times)
    Ethnic discrimination on Thunderbirds cover! Well, kinda. Thanks to some kind of cock-up, the puppets Tracy brothers of International Rescue are being threatened not by the evil Hood, but by their cook, Kyrano. 'Best Cover Image Mess-Up Ever'? Quite possibly.