Tuesday, 9 February 2010


From the Earth to the Moon
Part Nine For Miles and Miles
I was doing rather well getting through this miniseries back in August and September last year -- I got through the first eight parts in just two weeks. I only stalled because I'd reached the episode dealing with Apollo 13 and had been intending to watch the film, something which I clearly failed to find time for. So, five months later, I've decided to just soldier on with the series itself.

Mad Men
3x03 My Old Kentucky Home
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7x11 Gifts (extended repeat)
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The Review Show
5/2/10 edition
Discussing this year's Oscar nominations, including some interesting critiquing of Avatar.
(Incidentally, completely missed this being rebranded from Newsnight Review (last month, apparently). You'd've thought they'd've used the opportunity to give it some promotion, otherwise what was the point?)
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Tinga Tinga Tales
1x02 Why Giraffe Has a Long Neck
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24 set to transfer to the big screen by Ben Child
(from guardian.co.uk)
Naturally this story has been all over the web, but I've picked The Guardian's version for this paragraph:
Ironically, the only thing that looks to be standing in the way of 24: The Movie is the further success of 24 the TV show. Producers would be unlikely to green light a big-screen outing while new episodes are still being shot, due to the logistical issues of shooting a film concurrently. In effect, for the movie to live, 24 would first have to die in its current form.
As for the news itself... Well, a movie has been in the offing for years, even to the point where the writing team had a story and/or screenplay for it. So though they've gone as far as hiring an established film writer, I'd still say this is a We'll See proposition for the time being.