Saturday, 28 March 2009


BBC One Sessions
Annie Lennox
Like Duffy's at Christmas, I found myself watching this quite by accident. I'd forgotten just how many well-known songs Annie Lennox had been involved in, and the others were mostly very good too.
Was able to watch it on BBC HD, though mostly just listened, but when I looked up it did look prettier.
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The Graham Norton Show
5x03 (19/3/09 edition, uncut repeat)
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Robin Hood
3x01 Total Eclipse
Robin Hood and Primeval both returned tonight, foolishly scheduled against each other. I chose Hood to make a point, though will be sure to catch up on Primeval later. They clash again next week; hopefully after that one channel will see sense and move their programme out of the way.
As for the programme itself, it was nicely action packed. It's nice to see they've learnt this lesson, as it was sometimes lacking during the first season. Also watched it on BBC HD, which was quite nice.
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Runaway Train (1985)
[#11 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]