Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Mutual Friends
1x05 Episode Five

The Riches
2x02 Friday Night Lights
2x03 Field of Dreams
Episode 2 feels very much like the second half of Episode 1, leading me to wonder if they were originally broadcast as a two-hour premiere in the US. I can't be bothered to check though. Even if they weren't, I bet they were intended to be -- the first half had a very unusual and abrupt ending, while this one continues the story very directly, establishes a new status quo, and comes to a more appropriate conclusion. And then Episode 3 is as crazy as ever, of course.


Bollywood's Hari Puttar wins Harry Potter suit by Ramola Talwar Badam
(from Mail.com)

Google phone to cost $179, debut Oct. 22 by Peter Svensson
(from Mail.com)
Will it beat the iPhone? Not looking like that it won't.

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Study: Series TV showing more gays, lesbians
(from Mail.com)
Amusingly thorough study of the number of LGBT characters in the forthcoming US TV season.

Talking Shop by Rory Bremner
(from Radio Times 27 Sept-3 Oct 2008, p.20-23)
Bremner supposedly interviews Parky -- a great idea, but the article includes next to nothing from their conversation. Boo! Apparently more can be found online at radiotimes.com/parkinson, though I haven't looked for myself.

And finally, coming soon...

Loft in Space by Benjamin Cook
(from Radio Times 27 Sept-3 Oct 2008, p.8-9)
The Sarah Jane Adventures is almost back! I really ought to get round to watching the trailers...

Upping the anti by Jenny Eden
(from Radio Times 27 Sept-3 Oct 2008, p.10-11)
Heroes is almost back! And with a teeny tiny delay from the US too. Lovely.