Sunday, 13 July 2008

Time Zones

While I'm in New York, posts will be made at their usual just-before-midnight times... but on GMT-5:00. This seems to make sense, all things considered.

DVD Extras

Munich: An Introduction by Director/Producer Steven Spielberg
Short but interesting introduction by Spielberg to his film Munich, one of the few extras to have made it onto the R2 DVD. (Watched primarily to test the MacBook Air SuperDrive I got with my new MacBook Air.)


Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown
Part Four
- Hypnosis and Suggestibility
- A Brief History
- What is Hypnosis?
- Seemingly Unique Hypnotic Phenomena
- How to Hypnotize
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller
Book Four [the end]