Sunday, 26 April 2009


The British Academy Television Awards 2009
Many worthy winners, some worthier losers, many under-appreciated jokes, and a jibe at the criminally useless Ed Balls.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

Horne & Corden
1x04 Episode 4
Not exactly underrated, but better than many would have you believe.

The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency
1x02 Poison

Robin Hood
3x04 Sins of the Father
Finishing up after what happened yesterday.
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Amstell quits BBC's Buzzcocks by Sarah Rollo
(from Digital Spy)
Shame, he's been an excellent host.

Fry & Laurie 'would love TV reconciliation' by Dan French
(from Digital Spy)
I'm still upset that Fry & Laurie never played Holmes & Watson, and that was planned years ago. Fry's ideas for a guest spot on House are all really good though:
"I quite like the idea of being a ruder doctor than Hugh -- one that is even ruder than he is to patients and staff. That would be quite amusing. Or one who is so unbelievably nice but a better diagnostician than he is!"

Gripesville 1 - 9 by ghostof82
(from Musings of the Ghost of 82)
Nine problems with modern movies. Many of them are very agreeable-with.

See-Through Screens
(from Amazing! Incredible!)
Computers with see-through monitors. Very cleverly done.

Doctor Who news

Thanks to the wonder that is twitter, it's now confirmed that, despite earlier reports, Skins actress Hannah Murray definitely isn't the next Doctor Who companion. I leave it to Lizo Mzimba's tweets to report in full:

News hot off the press. Just spoke to the lovely Hannah Murray who says she definitely isn't going to be Matt Smith's assitant in Dr Who.

Hannah Murray said: It was something I could never consider cos I'm doing a degree at the moment so I could never commit to a show that big.

Hannah Murray continued re rumours: "That was never founded in fact." And re-asserted that companion was "definitely not" going to be her.

She's a decent enough actress and wouldn't've been bad casting, especially as it'll be a challenge to find anyone who actually looks young than Matt Smith.