Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Days in New York...


For a full explanation, please see the start of the countdown.


1x05 A Regular Earl Anthony [2nd watch]
1x06 She Spat at Me [2nd watch]
1x07 We Are Not Animals [2nd watch]
1x08 Blame the Victim [2nd watch]

Tin Man
Part 1 Into the Storm
Sci-Fi's SF/F re-imagining of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, originally shown last December in the US and this May in the UK... but I watched it on a legal download via TV. That works fine, though I swear it was shot for widescreen and presented here in 4:3 (not iTunes' fault, I'm sure). As for the show itself... well...


Dark Knight Rules The Box Office Again by Olly Richards
(from Empire Online)
For the first time since Lord of the Rings 3 in 2003/4, The Dark Knight makes it to four weeks at the top of the US box office. While it's likely to drop next weekend, under the double whammy of the highly-anticipated Tropic Thunder (though that will do business on Wednesday and Thursday that won't get counted) and the even-more-highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, TDK should still overtake Star Wars as the second-highest-grossing-film-in-the-US-ever by the end of the week. Can it best Titanic? I still don't think so, but you never know...

Invisibility cloak 'step closer'
(from BBC News)
No, seriously. Well, sort of.