Thursday, 19 March 2009


1x07 One Day a Lemming Will Fly Part 2 [season finale]
Cracker must be one of the only -- perhaps the only -- police procedural-type shows to have a story that concludes with the wrong man charged, the real killer still on the loose, and no one on the force caring about this. And I seriously doubt it's designed to set up a future story either -- it's just Cracker's very-real-world way.
Next, straight on to the second series.
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Horne & Corden
1x02 Episode 2
Still very mixed, though with potential. Will need to try harder if they want it to last. That said, the piss-take of Christian Youth organisations was fantastic.
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Karma Kula: Mystic Warrior Sneak Peak
Trailer for the new live action webseries from the makers of Ninjai: The Little Ninja, exclusive to Ninjai mailing list subscribers (or their invited friends). The acting is atrocious, the writing pretentious, the direction lacklustre, and the unfilmised video stock makes it look dirt cheap... but the fighting is absolutely brilliant. Hopefully there'll be plenty of that in the series then.


Back To Sleep
It's the bunk room set from the new Red Dwarf! Hurrah! Looks brilliant. Can't wait for this at Easter.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (R1/US BD) in May by Dave Foster
(from DVD Times)
I don't know if I missed something, but it's come as quite a surprise that this is being released by Criterion! It's not unheard of for them to do new-release films, but I wouldn't've thought Paramount would want to farm out a high-profile Oscar-winner in that way. Also not sure of the last time Criterion released something so new and high-profile, which probably adds to the surprise.

Lionsgate Premieres Crank 2 Poster on Twitter by Peter Sciretta
(from /film)
Mainly reporting this for the cool tagline (not sure about the Watchmen-esque colour scheme however), though the thoughts about the dramatically increasing popularity of Twitter are interesting.

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The Religion of Dolphins... by Neil Gaiman
(from Neil Gaiman's Journal)
"Picked up my copy of New Scientist over breakfast this morning... and found myself puzzling over an article that began,
"That a complex mind is required for religion may explain why faith is unique to humans."
Which left me amazed and potentially delighted that journalists at New Scientist had succeeded in interspecies communication to the point of being certain that dolphins and whales have no belief in things deeper than themselves, that ants do not imagine a supreme colony at the centre of everything... and that there are no Buddhist Pigs, Monkeys or whatever-the-hell Sandy was."

Who writer begs lotto for TV cash
(from BBC News)
Slightly misleading headline, in my opinion, for a very valid point: "Russell T Davies has called for national lottery money to be given to children's programmes. In a speech to Bafta members, Davies said: "They put money into rubbish films, why can't they put money into children's television?"" Too right!

Best. Advert. Ever.

Seriously, just watch it:

Batman Icon's Mutation

This is rather intriguing and a fun watch. You might be surprised by just how much variety there's been...