Saturday, 26 June 2010


Battlestar Galactica [2004]
2x06 Home Part 1
2x07 Home Part 2
2x08 Final Cut
Guest starring Dexter's dad!
Also: if all of the Colonies' paper, photos, cards, etc -- and, most pertinently, video recordings -- are octagonal (as opposed to our use of quadrilaterals) then why are their TVs and monitors still rectangular? ("Because production design didn't think it through," is the real-world answer, of course.)

3x12 You Were His Little Monkey
All the threads are, of course, coming together just in time for the season (and, possibly, series) finale.

Doctor Who
31x13 The Big Bang [season finale]
See here for my thoughts on this episode.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]


Eleven Things We've Learnt This Year by Patrick Mulkern
(from Doctor Who Blog at Radio Times)
A slightly different way of looking at the Doctor Who finale. Which is always nice.

Review of The Big Bang by Richard Edwards
(from SFX)
Just in case you fancied some more thoughts.

Doctor Who 31x13: The Big Bang

Just some quick initial thoughts. Normally these would go in today's TV post but they looked a little unwieldy, so...

While I did like last week's part one, I think I enjoyed that even more. Plot threads left dangling for next season, yes, but that's a good thing. And the promise we'll find out all about River soon... well, I still don't like her that much, but at least we should get answers.

Favourite parts: Rory! Yay for Rory! Always liked Rory. Love a three-person TARDIS crew, so I'm ever so glad he seems to be sticking around. Full name-in-opening-titles status next season, please. Also liked the wedding speech to bring the Doctor & TARDIS back into existence -- clever use of a well-known phrase + long-established Who history.

And the Stone Dalek was at least 100 times cooler than the multi-coloured plasticky regular new ones.

My one major disappointment, however: that the Doctor gave up on the rewind at The Eleventh Hour. What a perfect opportunity for a Greatest Hits of all ten Doctors! Considering we've seen them more than usual this season (especially William Hartnell), it seemed a golden opportunity. Oh well.

Still, a good, epic season finale, with a nice ending... even if it was missing a substantial Christmas special tease.