Tuesday, 2 March 2010


How I Met Your Mother
4x24 The Leap [season finale]
[Watch it on 4oD from 20th May (probably).]

Mad Men
3x06 Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency
[Watch it again on iPlayer.]

Tinga Tinga Tales
1x09 Why Caterpillar Is Never in a Hurry
1x10 Why Mosquito Buzzes
Not that anyone cares, but the BBC episode guide seems to be titting around with the order of these for no foreseeable reason. Maybe it's the cutbacks kicking in already. Still, I'm going to keep on numbering them in broadcast order regardless because, like I said, it hardly matters.
[Watch episode 9 (again) on iPlayer.]


First, Married Single Other features in two articles published today, in a somewhat different context...

All you need is fluff by Alison Graham (from Radio Times 6-12 March 2009, p45)
the first episode of Married Single Other won an audience of more than six million (that's very, very good, by the way)

followed by...

Married, Single, Other drops over 2m by Dan French (from Digital Spy)
The second episode... managed 3.96m (15.5%). Last week's opener interested 6.22m (25.5%).
Oh dear.

But, additionally,
it was beaten [by] Five Days, which returned to an impressive 7.39m (28.9%)
I guess Graham would call that very, very, very good...

And now for something completely different...

James Cameron's Oscar Speech Revealed! by John Lopez
(from Vanity Fair)
Very, very funny. Also, probably true.