Sunday, 3 January 2010


The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2009
A particularly funny year for what has now become something of an annual tradition on C4 (this is its fifth year). Nice to see Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross both back and on one team too, though my personal favourite contestant was the ever-excellent Rob Brydon.
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Doctor Who [new]
4x18 The End of Time Part Two [2nd watch]
Caught the final 20 minutes of this by accident. Still brilliant -- what a send-off.
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Gavin & Stacey
3x06 Episode 6 [series finale]
A fitting conclusion to what has consistently been an excellent series (even through the occasionally awkward second season). In keeping with the overall tone: not too sentimental, not too neat, but far from depressing. Nice job.
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Gavin and Stacey: The Out-takes
Outtakes can be a mixed bag, and often reek of "it must've been funny if you were there". Thankfully, this bunch are mostly pretty good, even sustaining a full half-hour, aided by commentary from Ruth and James.
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Live at the Apollo
5x06 (1/1/10 edition) [season finale]
Love Reginald D. Hunter, there wasn't enough of him. Not that the other two weren't good as well.
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7x06 Genius (extended repeat)
A particularly funny edition, I felt. I imagine much of the silly riffing was cut the for the half-hour version, so it's a shame that's the only one available on iPlayer.
[Watch the shorter version (again) on iPlayer.]