Tuesday, 27 October 2009


2x08 (20/10/09 edition)
Yes, last week's.
Proof if proof were needed that this isn't series three: managing to discuss Michael Jackson with reference to his upcoming gigs at the O2 -- and, obviously therefore, not mentioning his death -- clearly shows it was filmed a good while ago. I'm fairly surprised they broadcast that round, actually.

How I Met Your Mother
2x12 First Time in New York


It's Question Time for the Daily Mail by Media Monkey
(from guardian.co.uk)
The Daily Mail are liars -- look, here's proof.

The Only Tobin Bell Interview You'll Ever Need by Kyle Buchanan
(from Movie|Line)
Normally I find articles with such self-important titles to be objectionable, but for once it's not undeserved. The star of the Saw series has an awful lot more to offer, as demonstrated by this interview that is fascinating but barely mentions those films.

Paul Haggis Renounces Church of Scientology in Blistering Letter by Kyle Buchanan
(from Movie|Line)
You may've heard this story -- it's such a damning letter that it's been quite widely reported. Be sure to stick around for page two, that's where the best bits are (not that I don't approve of what he's saying on the first page, but someone in the media being pro gay marriage and a church being anti it has all the surprise value of the latest X Factor single going straight to number one).

new review at 100 Films

Saw III (2006)
the point at which the franchise finally tips over into the justly reviled “torture porn” category. That’s not to say it’s solely focused on its gruesome deaths — as with the previous two films, there’s a thriller-ish plot to work through as well — but Jigsaw’s traps this time round are shown in excruciating detail... Along with it, the gore feels less justified. The traps have an element of invention about them, but the punishment doesn’t fit the crime in the same way it did in the first tw

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