Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Defying Gravity
1x01 Pilot
1x02 Natural Selection
I've loved the miniseries that inspired this (the BBC's Space Odyssey) ever since it first aired, always thinking it would make a good basis for an extended-length series... which this is. Unsurprisingly, it can't wholly live up to expectations. There are some good bits, and some wonderful special effects, but there's also plenty of soap opera-level melodrama and horribly cheesy dialogue, not least the voiceover narration. Ouch.
It's been called "Grey's Anatomy in space". I've never seen Grey's, but I can guess what people mean, and think they should've just stuck with the realistic sci-fi angle of the original miniseries. Certainly, the most obviously sci-fi element of all -- whatever the mystery in Pod 4 is -- is the most irritating part of the show for me (yes, even more than the voiceover), because it drags would could almost be science-fact into out-and-out science-fiction. And while I do love out-and-out science-fiction, I want a series with this premise to have a greater grounding in reality.
Still, I'll be sticking with it -- there's some promise. (As much as anything, I want it be successful enough to run for as many seasons are needed to show us the whole darn mission.)
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Generation Kill
Part 3 Screwby
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Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire
1x06 Thrilla in the Villa [season finale]
Despite a poor showing in the US leading to co-production partner Comedy Central pulling out, I hear UK production company Hat Trick are still pursuing a second series with the BBC (who haven't ruled out the idea). Reports say that, to make it affordable, the budget would be slashed by half, reconfiguring the series to focus more on Matt Lucas' character, with fewer special effects and filming in the UK. The series wasn't half bad and still has promise, so hopefully it'll be given another shot.

Last Chance to See
Part 5 Kakapo
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Dave wants more Red Dwarf by Robin Parker
(from Broadcast)
Says it all, really. Apart from that scripts are in development and that "filming is pencilled in for next year".
Additionally, for an interview with the head of Dave talking about how pleased they were with Back to Earth, look here.

new review at 100 Films

Saw II (2005)
the climax produces a final round of twists that are almost equal to the first film’s triumphant reveal. I won’t give it away, but it’s entirely in keeping with both the games Jigsaw might play and the flashback-driven style of the first film, not to mention that — as the insistent concluding recap shows — there are clues seeded all the way along. If it’s not as audaciously memorable as the twist in Saw, that’s through no fault of it’s own.

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