Monday, 19 July 2010


Battlestar Galactica [2004]
2x16 Sacrifice

1x03 Episode 3
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]


Damages finds home on DirecTV by Stuart Levine
(from Variety)
[DirecTV] has ordered two 10-episode seasons. The first season will air next summer with the [second] launching in the summer of 2012. Glenn Close and Rose Byrne have been confirmed to return with other thesps set to sign on soon.
(Yep, in bold, and caps, with an exclamation mark.)
I really thought Damages was a goner, so this is stupendous news. My one hope is that it doesn't somehow mean the BBC lose the rights -- it would be irritatingly ironic for the series to leave FX in the US only to wind up on FX over here.

Jeffery Deaver will write a James Bond novel by Glenn McDonald
OK, the headline tells us nothing we don't already know, which makes it just about the most pathetic headline ever, because this is actually an interview with Deaver in which he reveals a few more snippets about the direction he'll be taking Bond in. Interesting.

The new Doctor Who season will hit home video with a tantalizing extra by Geoff Boucher
(from Hero Complex at the Los Angeles Times)
Or, translated into English, "The Doctor Who Series 5 DVD will have a tantalising special feature". And one that will likely interest those fans who don't normally give a toss about extras too -- a pair of new scenes, starring Smith and Gillan and written by Moffat. Oo-ooh indeed.

Sherlock Holmes is back… sending texts and using nicotine patches by Vanessa Thorpe
(from The Observer)
Half preview, half interview with co-creator Mark Gatiss, there's not a great deal new here but there are snippets, and if you've not read anything about the series yet it's fine. Don't bother with the comments thought -- you may think you've stumbled onto the Daily Mail's website.

Whole lotta cantin' going on by Roger Ebert
(from Roger Ebert's Journal)
Or, as the URL puts it better, "the myth of a perfect film". Very definitely worth a read, this one. The BBC Entertainment News twitter said not to read it 'til you've seen Inception, though I honestly have no idea why -- it doesn't spoil the film and is only about it in part (it's a starting point and case study as much as it's the focus).

must-see iPhone 4 video

There are no words, you just have to watch...