Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Broken Saints
Chapter 11 Surfacing
Chapter 12 Passage
The plot rattles on ("rattles on" in the context of Broken Saints, anyway) as we reach the halfway point -- in terms of episode numbers at any rate (the parts get much longer toward the end, meaning the halfway point in running time is somewhere around the end of Chapter 15).

Derren Brown: An Evening of Wonders
Derren Brown's brilliant, you know -- incredibly clever, hilariously funny, amazing to observe. It's all good.

Gilmore Girls
5x15 Jews and Chinese Food


Watchmen Japanese Trailer
Sure, you can't understand a word the voiceover guy says, or read any of the on screen text, and it's pretty low quality... but look at the beautiful pictures! Revel in the coolness! Amaze at the apparent faithfulness! I can't wait.


Add "Get Off My Lawn" To "Make My Day"
(from Studio Briefing)
"Gran Torino took in $29.5 million in 2,808 theaters -- or a whopping $10,500 per theater -- [over the weekend] after playing for a month in limited release. It was the 78-year-old Eastwood's best opening ever." Well blimey.

Report: Watchmen Settlement Close
(from Studio Briefing)
Fingers crossed!