Saturday, 30 May 2009


Ashes to Ashes
2x06 Episode Six
Gene Hunt + nasty lone shark + car crusher = brilliant.
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Robin Hood
3x08 The King is Dead, Long Live the King...
Another fantastic episode thanks to Toby Stephens' Prince John, who is beyond brilliant, and an epic confrontation in an abbey. The schoolboy squabbling of Robin's gang and a couple of niggling plot holes do hold the show back, but it's nothing like as weak as Primeval has been recently. That said, with Prince John leaving -- and half the cast also off at the end of this series -- things don't look that rosy.
(Yes, I'm a week behind.)
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Le M├ępris Trailer
As found on the Criterion DVD (and possibly other releases, I don't know. A bit like a Hitchcock trailer, it's an entertaining work in its own right. If only they still made 'em like this.

Toy Story 3 Trailer
Brief and unrevealing, but also funny and excitement-building. Can't wait.

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Commentary! The Musical (2008)
Focuses its energy on spoofing commentary tracks, DVD extras, and the American film and TV industry in general... It’s almost all incredibly funny and it moves at a rate of knots, meaning it rewards multiple listens to pick up every gag... With its well-targeted thematically-appropriate comedy and plentiful gags, it’s pure delight for fans of DVDs

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