Wednesday, 24 November 2010


2x04 The Guests

Due South
1x13 Hawk and a Handsaw [2nd watch]

Nazi Collaborators
Episode 1 Pierre Laval
Original 13-part series for Yesterday looking at (the title might give this away) those who collaborated with the Nazis. For more info, try this press release, or this (slightly harsh, I think) review of episode one.

Mad Men
4x11 Chinese Wall
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

1x04 Scaredycat Part 1
It's a fortnight since I finished the first serial in this series. Feels ages ago.


Star Trek: Countdown by Mike Johnson, Tim Jones & David Messina
Number One (of Four)
Having watched Star Trek again the other day, I was inspired to finally read this, the four-issue mini-series that tells the events leading up to the film (those in the original/future timeline, featuring Nero, Spock 'Prime' and the Next Generation crew). My copy of these came as an Amazon-exclusive with the Blu-ray. Scaled to fit, it's a teensy bit small, but just about readable.


The Disney 50 at BFI Southbank
(from BFI)
To celebrate Disney's 50th animated feature film (they've made many more than that, I'm certain, but the 50th in their canon, or Animated Classic line, or whatever they choose to call it these days), BFI Southbank will be showing one a week next year. Which is rather nice. If you live in London.