Thursday, 27 January 2011


1x03 Episode Three
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Wallander [film series]
One Step Behind (aka Steget efter)
Having given us the sixth and eighth Swedish Wallander adaptations, BBC Four now jump back to the seventh. Who said scheduling had to make any sense? As with the previous two, this was also filmed for the British series, as the final episode of the first series.

Yes Minister
1x05 The Writing on the Wall


In which we discover reasons to dislike Ridley Scott...

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus will have Aliens in it
(from Live for Films)
Turns out Ridley Scott's Alien prequel that isn't an Alien prequel is actually an Alien prequel. Typical.

Robbing From The Poor (Writer) by William Martell
(from Sex in a Submarine)
How Ridley Scott turned Robin Hood from an excellent, unique screenplay into a predictable, lacklustre rehash. Liable to make any film fan irritated and upset (that we'll never get to see what sounds like a potentially great film) in equal measure.