Saturday, 28 February 2009


Let's Dance for Comic Relief
Episode 2 (of 4)
No Michael McIntyre judging, sadly, and no dance that came anywhere near equalling Robert Webb's priceless Flashdance from last week. Overall, however, the quality was phenomenally higher.
This week's winners were Paddy McGuinness and Leigh Francis. Their dance was admittedly quite funny, but my God they're such irritating people! Francis was even playing his character, Keith Lemon -- not that anyone mentioned that on the programme, insisting on just calling him "Keith". Both of these facts should give you an indication of how much of a tit he is (and that's being polite about it). I really wish anyone else had gone through instead of them.
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Not Going Out
3x05 Neighbour
Not the best episode, it must be said. Still, there were some laughs, so what else do you want?
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Lego Star Wars Spaceship Bigger Than My Sofa Can Probably Invade Earth by Jesus Diaz
(from Gizmodo)
This is truly mad-big. The one shortcoming of the article is that there's nothing normal & everyday to give the model a proper sense of scale.

Review of Watchmen by Garth Franklin
(from Dark Horizons)
They keep coming in, swinging the Tomatometer back and forth all over the place. And within a week there'll be a veritable flood of them, as US critics will finally be allowed to have their say and everyone else will be publishing their thoughts around the day of release. This seemed a particularly good review, however, discussing some of the thoughts already expressed by both lovers and haters.