Sunday, 6 September 2009


25 Years of Spinal Tap: Turn It Up To 11
Celebrity fans and people from the music industry discuss what makes This is Spinal Tap so enduringly fantastic. It's certainly more than enough to make you want to watch it again.

4x01 A Pocket Full of Rye
The new run of mysteries begins, now featuring new Marple Julia McKenzie. I've commented on ITV's odd scheduling of Marple before (so long ago that I can't find the post, what with Blogger's woefully malfunctioning search system) and this is no exception -- it was actually filmed a year or two ago but is only now being shown for the first time.
It's a good'un, with a typically star-packed Marple cast, even if it was missing one of the best bits of Christie adaptations -- the climax where everyone sits round together and the detective explains everything. Who doesn't love those scenes?
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]

new review at 100 Films

Dark Floors (2008)
I can’t help but wonder if in trying to be quite clever Dark Floors ultimately alienates the core horror audience who might pick it up; the people who’ll miss their straightforward scares and gratuitous gore and nudity. By so obviously billing it as “The Lordi Movie” and slapping on quite a lurid cover, the marketers have done nothing to suggest the film might actually benefit from the application of some brain power.

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