Friday, 1 January 2010


Doctor Who [new]
4x18 The End of Time Part Two [New Year special]
After being a little disappointed by Part One, I thought that was excellent. A little indulgent at the end, maybe, but when you have such a beloved lead leaving it's OK to be a little indulgent within the show itself -- after all, it's not made for those who don't care that he's going, is it?
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

James May's Toy Stories
1x06 Hornby [season finale]

4x03 They Do It With Mirrors
A pretty good one, til the over-done ending that didn't fit. Oh well. I guessed the solution also, but I like to think that's more me being clever than a fault with the programme.


Tennant's last interview before leaving Doctor Who by Lizo Mzimba
(from BBC News)
Is it? Is it really? I doubt it. But still, in this brief video he has a few things to say of passing interest. Likely there'll be much more interesting stuff to say once the post-broadcast interviews appear in Doctor Who Magazine and what have you.

Entertainment review of the decade by Mark Savage
(from BBC News)
BBC News look back over the decade in entertainment, taking in Top Ten lists across awards, ratings and sales for cinema, music, literature and TV. I like a good list or twenty.