Thursday, 26 November 2009


Children in Need Rocks the Royal Albert Hall
Star-studded gig in aid of Children in Need. With a line-up full of Today's Hot Pop Acts it's inevitably a mixed bag, dependent on your tastes, but it's all for a good cause so you can't complain too much.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

How I Met Your Mother
3x05 How I Met Everyone Else
Ah, the semi-inevitable 'how we all met' episode, a staple of any long-running sitcom. Luckily, this ep is worthy of that grand tradition.

The Sarah Jane Adventures
3x11 The Gift Part One
3x12 The Gift Part Two [season finale]
Guest starring (the voices of) big-name actors Miriam Margolyes and Simon Callow! Just goes to show how well SJA does for itself.
It's a relatively low-key season finale, despite the guest stars and a world-threatening plot -- there's very few locations, lots of standing around nattering, and a ton of CGI, which is presumably where the story's budget went. Not the best SJA story then, and feeling more like a low-budget mid-season effort than a grand ending, but entertaining enough.
Fingers crossed for a fourth series...
[Watch part one and part two (again) on iPlayer.]

Bernard Cribbins is marvellous

Bernard Cribbins talks Who return by Neil Wilkes & Chris Allen
(from Digital Spy)

I've said it before, I usually prefer transcriptions to video interviews -- they're quicker and easier to skim -- but Bernard Cribbins is so fantastic that it's a joy to spend 5 minutes and 10 seconds listening to him speak.

Go on, watch it. He's lovely.

(And in answer to Wilkes' question under the video: it's just you. And anyone else who clearly wasn't paying proper attention. Or, alternatively, too much attention, as the comments show.)