Wednesday, 22 April 2009


The Omid Djalili Show
2x01 Episode 1
Not certain it lived up to claims of being massively funnier than the first series, but it kept me amused. Favourite bit was possibly the Tudors-spoofing Henry VIII credits.
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The Speaker
1x06 Episode 6
How in God's name did they vote for Duncan?! Poor Haroon.
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Force is strong for Jedi police
(from BBC News)
"Eight police officers serving with Scotland's largest force listed their official religion as Jedi in voluntary diversity forms... Strathclyde Police said the officers [plus] two of its civilian staff claimed to follow the faith, which features in the Star Wars movies."
I suppose as they're meant to be the 'Police Service' these days a headline of "May the (Police) Force Be With You" would've been considered politically incorrect.

Internet-Age Writing Syllabus and Course Overview by Robert Lanham
(from Timothy McSweeney)
"As print takes its place alongside smoke signals, cuneiform, and hollering, there has emerged a new literary age, one in which writers no longer need to feel encumbered by the paper cuts, reading, and excessive use of words traditionally associated with the writing trade. Writing for Nonreaders in the Postprint Era focuses on the creation of short-form prose that is not intended to be reproduced on pulp fibers. Instant messaging. Twittering. Facebook updates... 21st-century literary genres"
Mmm, satire. (Long satire.)