Tuesday, 29 September 2009


The Choir: Boys Don't Sing
Part 5 Revisited
A "one year later" follow-up (come series recap, it must be said) of the second of Gareth Malone's projects.
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Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
17x04 (25/9/09 edition)
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Harper's Island
1x07 Thrack, Splat, Sizzle
1x08 Gurgle
Much like its elaborate title, Thrack... is all filler no killer, despite being flashback-filled to the day of the original Wakefield murders. Not only are these largely unnecessary, if inevitable, but the late-20s cast struggle to look convincing as their teenage selves. Great cliffhanger though, which helps kick off a new phase of the series in Gurgle. Plot developments may still be rare, but at least there's excitement in the meantime. One positive of so little being revealed each episode is that, despite the show's numerous flaws, it always leaves you desperate to see what happens next.
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Would I Lie To You?
3x08 (28/9/08 edition) [season finale]
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