Saturday, 27 September 2008


1x02 Valiant

The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins
2x03 (27/9/08 edition)
I wouldn't normally watch a Lottery show, but this keeps being on after stuff and I wind up watching bits on mute, so this week I just turned the sound on. The final round, "Films Directed by Steven Spielberg", was bloody easy. I'd've had that £50k no problem.

Mock the Week
6x12 (25/9/08 edition) [season finale]
A highlights/cut bits show to end the series. Still very funny.


The 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time by Simon Braund, Glen Ferris, Ian Freer, Nev Pierce, Chris Hewitt, Dan Jolin, Ian Nathan, Kim Newman, Helen O'Hara, Olly Richards & Owen Willams
(from Empire #233, p.88-172)
You may've heard about Empire's huge "500 Greatest Films Ever" poll. Well, the results are finally out -- in the new issue, which has 101 covers, or for free online. Personally, I'm reading them in the mag -- all 85(!) pages -- and it's gonna take some time.
Today: 500-450.

Click to see the top 500