Sunday, 17 January 2010


Wallander [British]
2x02 The Man Who Smiled
Kurt Wallander is depressed. No change there, you might think, but now he's properly depressed in the wake of shooting Svartman -- sorry, Racist Murderer Guy -- in last week's episode. It feels odd for a series of out-of-sequence novel adaptations to have such a linking thread, but it's a good showcase for Branagh. I imagine it must frustrate some viewers -- "he killed a bad man, why can't he just get over it?" -- but I should imagine murder, even of someone so deserving, isn't that easy to deal with in reality.
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The Man Who Sued God (2001)
[#3 in 100 Films in a Year 2010]
Probably because it stars Billy Connolly and has a rather quirky subject matter, I'd always assumed this was a British film. But no, it's a very, very Australian one. Which is fair enough.


Most Overrated Movie of 2009: Avatar by ShepRamsey
(from MovieChopShop)
Yes. And here's a good explanation of why.