Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Radio Times 4-10 July 2009
Torchwood's back! Hurrah! Good feature on it. Pretty cover (with exclusive imagery) too.


Review of How the West Was Won Blu-ray by Leonard Norwitz
(from DVDBeaver)
A great piece, part Blu-ray/film review and part article on the Cinerama process. There's some immensely insightful contributions from Cinerama documentarian Dave Strohmaier too (scroll right down past the screengrabs). It's a teeny bit technical, so primarily of interest to film/cinema/technology/Blu-ray buffs, and of course you have to battle past the AICN-esque lack of user-friendly design/formatting present at DVDBeaver, but I found it worth it.

Star Trek - What You Missed by Harry Barber
(from TNMC)
Barber has read an early version of the Star Trek script and here describes some of the stuff in there that didn't make the final cut, including at least one whole subplot. Whether it was cut at script stage or later, no one knows -- only the DVD/Blu-ray is likely to reveal that now.