Sunday, 31 August 2008


Cathy Come Home
[#59 in 100 Films in a Year 2008]
Ken Loach's 1966 Wednesday Play about a family's descent into homelessness, which directly led to the formation of the charity Shelter and, later, changes in British law.

Fiona's Story
One-off drama starring Gina McKee as the wife of a man who is found to have downloaded child porn. It's Jeremy Northam who gives the piece's stand-out performance as the layered, complex husband, an ultimately nasty character who is consequently much more interesting than the rather stock Worried Wife character McKee's landed with.

1x05 Episode 5 [2nd watch]

5x08 Agenda
Bloody Christians. Nice to see them as the villains for once. Brilliant. Down side: Adam seems to be following almost exactly the same plot arc that Tom travelled along in the run up to his dismissal from the show, and the trailer for the next episode suggests a total rehash of those elements from Tom's penultimate storyline. Oh dear. Still, at least I know Adam doesn't leave.