Sunday, 26 July 2009


Grand Designs
8x04 Monmouth: The Gothic House
I do like a bit of Grand Designs, though most of the houses built -- despite supposedly being highly personalised -- are rather samey. Not so here, however, as a couple create a brilliant faux-Gothic mansion. Right up my street. Though going over budget by a whopping £150,000 -- in this case, that's 60%! -- is just insane.


As ever at this time of year, lots from the all-dominating San Diego Comic-Con. But first, we'll have all that's Doctor Who-y from it...

Doctor Who, David Tennant and The End Of Time by Glenn Hauman
(from ComicM!x)
The main panel, hurrah! Not much in this report though -- no mention of any of the things covered by the following, for example. I shall now hunt the net for something more thorough...

David Tennant Tells Us Why His Doctor's So Sorry, And What's To Come by Charlie Jane Anders
(from io9)
Despite the main panel (see above), this press pre-interview has a couple of revelations. Or non-revelations, really (there won't be a movie).

Torchwood picked up for another season by BBC by Glenn Hauman
(from ComicM!x)
Allegedly -- no mention of it in that panel report above. That said, it wasn't very thorough, so who knows? As it's from the same site (and the same reporter), maybe they assumed people would just trust that they'd already said it? (Which would be foolish, but hey, sites are like that.)

Doctor Who Vs Predator by James Dyer
(from Amazing Tales from Comic-Con! at Empire)
A silly little bit, courtesy of Empire.

And in other, genuinely comic-related con news...

Marvel Announces The Avengers' Line-Up, Plus Thor And Captain America News by Meredith Woerner
(from io9)
A pared back line-up for the film of The Avengers comic, it would seem, sticking to those with already-established (or about-to-be-established) film franchises.

Tony Stark's On The Firing Line In First Iron Man 2 Footage! by Lauren Davis
(from io9)
Unsurprisingly, one of the big stars of Comic-Con is Iron Man 2. Plenty of reports around the web, but this one describes the footage seen in good detail.