Saturday, 13 March 2010


The Bubble
1x04 (12/3/10 edition)
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3x01 Our Father [2nd watch]
I started watching the third season of Dexter way back in June 2009 and for reasons I can't even remember faltered after just one episode. So, after such a long gap -- nine months! In which the US have had season four and we've had the news that ITV won't even be showing season three -- I'm re-starting with episode one. Hopefully I'll get further this time...

Let's Dance for Sport Relief
Episode 4 (of 4)
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The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins
3x02 (13/3/10 edition)
According to this, the CIA think the United Kingdom is in Asia. Allow me to say... what?!
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Death Wish (1974)
[#29 in 100 Films in a Year 2010]


No Beatles Outside Europe by Marcus
(from Doctor Who News Page)
the short clip of The Beatles, featured in episode one of [classic Doctor Who story] The Chase, will only be included on the Region 2 DVDs and will be removed from the masters of the discs produced for regions outside Europe...

It may have been possible for the same masters to have been used for the international copies, as there is nothing in the BBC paperwork to indicate that the clip of the Beatles exists in the story. However the distributors have received so many queries about the inclusion of the clip that it became impossible to ignore its presence, so it has been removed