Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Days in New York...


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Mad Men
1x01 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
1x02 Ladies' Room
On Blu-ray! Mmm, HD...


Review of The Dark Knight by Mark Dinning
(from Empire Online)
Empire magazine's glowing first review of the new Batman sequel, out in the States this Friday and the UK the week after.

Wanted more?

To quote my own recent review of Wanted: "I spent much of the film presuming it would finish on an open-ended note, as the structure reminded me of films like X-Men and Iron Man: all set-up and origin story... done with an eye (or, indeed, both eyes) on a sequel. Wanted doesn’t really end that way, which in an age where the franchise is everything is admirable… apart from that the film leading to that ending still feels franchise-friendly."

And, lo, it turned out to be so.

Maybe next time they won't cram all the best bits into the trailer.