Saturday, 14 February 2009


1x04 To Say I Love You Part 2
Ooh it's gritty.
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Dancing On Ice
The Story of Bolero
25 years old today, and it's still the only ice dance to ever achieve a perfect score (6.0 from 12 judges!) Even to a layman like me it's an incredibly impressive routine, the effect of which is only heightened by this documentary outlining just how innovative and rule-bending it was.

Moses Jones
Part 2 (of 3)
Ooh it's gritty.
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Inglourious Basterds Teaser Trailer
"Once upon a time in Nazi-occupied France."
"Sound good?" "Yes sir!"

DVD Extras

Watchmen Video Journals
#11: Rorschach's Mask

I said part 11 was coming soon! Download it from iTunes either ready for iPod or in a higher res.