Friday, 10 April 2009


2x03 (6/4/09 edition)

Red Dwarf
9x01 Back to Earth Part 1
Hurray, they're back! Looking rather swish and filmic in RED-shot HD (how appropriate that it's the first UK TV programme to do this) with some rather wonderful CGI (and some poor bits too, of course). Most importantly, was it funny?
Yes, in places. In reality it's about as good as could be expected, I think, and while some bits were a tad garbled -- and it felt like watching the first half-hour of a 90-minute feature film -- it was entertaining enough for me. I suspect (hope?) that the real goodies will be in the next two parts, showing tomorrow and Sunday.

The Wire
1x09 Game Day
Perhaps the best episode yet, as the police get one step closer to Avon Barksdale and Omar continues to be unflappably cool.


Alien3 (1992)
[#15 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]
And tomorrow, I'll finish things off with Alien Resurrection... and then start on the Predator films. Can you see where this is headed?


Turkish Rambo Coming to DVD in April by Kevin Gilvear
(from DVD Times)
"Get RambOWNED."
Including an interview with the distributor's marketing assistant and a trailer for the film. It sounds crazily brilliant to me.