Monday, 18 January 2010


10 Minute Tales
Episode 7 The Three Kings
Episode 9 Syncing
If only Syncing had a decent, sense-making ending, it might've been rather good. As it stands, it's a couple of neat sound/image-trickery ideas in search of a story to support them.

7x01 8:00AM - 9:00AM
It's been literally years since I last watched a series of 24: you may remember this seventh season was delayed a full 12 months thanks to the Writers' Strike (in the interim we were treated to the season-bridging TV movie Redemption), and season eight has just kicked off in the US (with the UK broadcast beginning next Sunday). Add it all up and it's about two-and-a-half years since I saw the end of season six.
I only missed Day 7 (as some like to call it) when it was on because I didn't have Sky1 then (I say "only" -- I was all prepared to be dishonest, I just didn't get round to it), so it's only now -- prompted, of course, by season eight beginning -- that I'm catching up. Is it the long-awaited return to form some fans claimed? Or just another chapter in the show's descent into overblown unbelievable uber-threats? Well, I'll have to wait and see, but this is certainly a strong start going in the right direction.

Peep Show
1x01 Warring Factions
Everyone goes on about the brilliance of Peep Show, and I've just discovered I can watch it online for free (legally) so thought I'd give it a go. The first-ever episode clearly has potential and a couple of good moments, but it certainly isn't great yet. I presume, therefore, that things only get better, and so I shall continue to watch.
[Watch for free at LOVEFiLM or on 4oD.]