Friday, 31 December 2010


Agatha Christie's Marple
5x03 The Blue Geranium
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]

The Graham Norton Show
8x09 (24/12/10 edition) [Christmas special]
And tonight, his New Year's special was on. Yup, I'm as up-to-date as ever.
(Though, in fairness, I half watched said special. I shall watch it properly -- and mention it properly -- in the next day or two. Or week. It'll be a week, won't it.)
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Just William [2010]
1x01 The Sweet Little Girl in White
Well I thought that was jolly good. Wonderfully cast and played, the kind of mischievousness there's not enough of in kids' TV, and with plenty of humour for the adults too. To call it a "children's comedy", as the BBC insist on doing in all their blurbs, undermines its quality... not to mention that, when adapting such an old series of books and setting them in the '50s, there's every chance there are more nostalgia-inspired adults watching than there are target-audience-aged kids. Still, s'fun for all the family.
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Little Crackers
Episode 5 Bunce
More Daniel Roche! Very different part for him, playing an 11-year-old Stephen Fry, but he was still rather good.

New Year Live
Remember last year, when I said that I liked that the BBC had cut this down to just half an hour, and half of that was the fireworks display, rather than the over-long content-free indulgence that it used to be? Still true. Though it does seem to mean they've lost any recognisable presenters. But I did actually rather like this year's fireworks-to-music. Decent job.
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