Monday, 17 May 2010


1x17 The Garden of Forking Paths
This episode was on a few weeks back, but it's quite funny to watch it having just heard about FlashForward's cancellation: it contains the first obvious hints at the producers' seven-year plan, with the revelation that "The End" (of the world, presumably) will occur in December 2016. Something we'll now definitely never see. But hey-ho, we don't have to sit through the 132(ish) episodes it would take to get there.
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You Have Been Watching
2x05 Best of the Bastards
(If the attentive among you are wondering where episode four got to, it was the election night special. You can watch it, by itself, on 4oD.)
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Taken (2008)
[#48 in 100 Films in a Year 2010]


Spoofing the big film blockbusters by Fiona Pryor
(from BBC News)
Heard of 'mockbusters'? Whether your answer's yes or no, this interview with their creators is worth a read.

Why New Zealand is a lifestyle superpower by Nick Bryant
(from From Our Own Correspondent at BBC News)
New Zealand always sounds so nice.