Saturday, 17 April 2010


Doctor Who
31x03 Victory of the Daleks
Looks like Character, the main Doctor Who toy licensee, is now in charge of the series itself. Why else replace the excellent 2005 Dalek re-design with a selection of merchandise-friendly multi-coloured bubble bath bottles?
The actual story was by-and-large pretty good though, particularly their escape at the end -- truly, a victory for the Daleks. And it also means that when they inevitably return they won't have to resort to the now-tired "one of us survived and happened to fall through time" malarky they've used goodness-knows-how-many times over the past five years (including this episode).
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Doctor Who Confidential
5x03 War Games
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

The Mentalist
2x08 His Red Right Hand
Dark episode. Though not sure what his right hand had to do with it. His leg, yes, but not his hand.
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Over the Rainbow
Show 5
For the first time in weeks/months/years, I've finally watched all of the BBC's Saturday night line-up when it was actually on! Though I watched it on BBC HD, so most of it was late. Still...
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Mark Gatiss talks Who, Sherlock by Neil Wilkes & Nick Levine
(from Digital Spy)
Probably best to read this after his episode as it contains minor spoilers, but it's mostly nice to hear an update on Sherlock -- looking forward to that one. (See also: interview with Ian McNeice, aka Winston Churchill, about the same episode (but not Sherlock. Obviously.))

Matthew Weiner Says Mad Men Is Half-Over by Christopher Rosen
(from Movie|Line)
i.e. they're hoping for six seasons, no more (and, be default, no less). So that's... good... I guess...