Saturday, 16 October 2010


Have I Got News For You
40x01 (14/10/10 edition; extended repeat)
As always, hooray for the return of HIGNFY! It should be on more often. And Benedict Cumberbatch made for a (surprisingly, I must say) excellent host.
Though, as a regular twitterer, and someone still in the 16-24 age demographic, I must express my dubiousness about them flashing up their hashtag unexplained at the start of the show. Weird.
[Watch the regular edition (again) on iPlayer. The extended repeat may or may not be available here later.]

3x05 The Crystal Cave
3x06 The Changeling
A strong, darkly-themed episode followed by a lighter, sillier one. Such is Merlin's balance.
[Watch The Crystal Cave and The Changeling (again) on iPlayer.]

The Sarah Jane Adventures
4x01 The Nightmare Man Part One
4x02 The Nightmare Man Part Two
A strong return for the excellent children's Doctor Who spin-off, which I'm sure is far better than most kids' TV. Not surprised that Luke's been (semi-)written out of the series here though -- the actor has previously commented that he didn't really consider acting his career, and by now he must be reaching A-level/Uni age himself. Also a convenient way of getting rid of K9, who's only allowed to appear in so many episodes a year. But will they have a Luke-replacement, I wonder? Time will tell...
[Watch parts one and two, or a compilation of both, on iPlayer.]