Friday, 2 January 2009


2008 at the Movies
It's amazing how well some things do at the worldwide box office, especially compared to their meagre performance in the key US market (see: The Mummy 3). Also, really cheesy graphics, and a disappointing lack of the usual studio guests and viewer-voted top films elements, thanks to Jonathan Ross' ongoing BBC ban. I hope he's back in place for next year -- while this had it's moments, it's nothing like as good as the usual Film 200X year-end round-ups.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]

Top Gear
12x08 (28/12/08 edition) [season finale]
Francis Ford Clarkson, Francis Ford Hammond and Francis Ford May undertake to travel from the bottom to the top of Vietnam, managing in 8 days what the Americans failed to do in however many years that war dragged on for. Unfortunately, it's far from the best Top Gear Mad Challenge Special, especially as Jeremy seemed miserable for a large chunk of it and they were on motorbikes -- if further proof were needed that Top Gear is no longer a car programme and is instead an entertainment show, that would be it.
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3x04 Nemesis [2nd half; season finale]
An above-average episode with a neat conclusion, despite the old rule of "most famous person in smallest role did it" applying.


New Doctor to be revealed on BBC One tomorrow
(from BBC Press Office)

"The BBC confirmed today that it will reveal the identity of the 11th Doctor as part of a special edition of Doctor Who Confidential to be aired on BBC One tomorrow, Saturday 3 January 2009, at 5.35pm... The programme will be broadcast live on BBC Big Screens [in city centres] nationwide."
Oh my oh my oh my! Yay! Be interesting to see the ratings on that one.

"There will be four Doctor Who specials featuring David Tennant that will run in 2009 into New Year 2010."
Considering that the last two specials will form a two-parter, and the specific wording of that statement, I'm suspecting a Christmas Day 2009 / New Year's Day 2010 two-parter to say farewell to the 10th Doctor. How cool is that? (Answer: extremely.)

Poem of the Day: Text me my darling

by John Lancaster

After a Christmassy break, this week sees the return of the grand tradition of Funny Friday here on Poem of the Day. Sadly, this is the last regular Funny Friday, as Poem of the Day is becoming Poem of the Week from now on. Every Friday, a new poem. There'll still be funny ones, just not every week.

Anyway, this piece is lifted from deviantART and, as with the very first Funny Friday, I think the rhyme and maintained rhythm are key to the humour, but so is the excellent spoofing of the subject.

My phone subscription will renew
But I can't contain my Love 4U
My facia's the height of fashion
My keypad rattles with great passion

I need a bit of SMS
If only to relieve the stress
I'll type a ;>) with sexy lashes
Hot Love tonight - In dots and dashes

Text me tonight - Oh, Text me harder!
Or I'll get bored and raid the larder
Text me my darling - Please B mine
O Text me where the sun don't shine!

It's more exciting at peak rates
Please Please B quick - my phone awaits!
Text me my precious - with skill and grace
(I'll orgasm in uppercase)

As mentioned, the original version of this is published at deviantART. Please comment there, and mark it as a favourite too, if you wish.