Friday, 5 June 2009


Friday Night With Jonathan Ross
16x14 (8/5/09 edition)
Haven't watched Jonathan Ross' show for ages, for no reason other than I never get round to it. Ought to try to change that now.

The Mentalist
1x11 Red John's Friends
Ah episode 11 -- halfway point of a US TV season. What does that mean? Yep, the most arc-plot-focused episode since the first. Pretty good one though. And I bet next week's is an especially light-hearted edition to balance it.
[Watch it (again) on Demand Five.]


Amazon Unveils Watchmen Blu-ray Exclusive
(from High-Def Digest)
Ooh, that's pretty...

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Electronic Arts stages fake protest of game at E3
A somewhat dubious idea, it seems to me. It would never fly over here these days after all the recent controversy over media outlets misleading the public.

Hobbits, monsters and CSI vampires
(from Newsnight Review)
An interview with film director Guillermo Del Toro, mainly covering his forthcoming work. Always worth a read. Tonight's Newsnight Review had a related feature, apparently, as well as several other interesting features by the looks of things. I missed it though, so iPlayer it is!