Sunday, 2 January 2011


Due South
2x05 The Promise [2nd watch]

Never Mind the Buzzcocks
24x11 Episode 11
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4x02 Episode 2
This episode starts ridiculously (seriously, if you found a lizard that big in your house, would you flush it down the toilet? I wouldn't) and doesn't improve. Business as usual then.
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Swingin' Christmas
Something a bit different for Christmas, even if only a handful of songs were specifically Christmassy, and (one might argue) most of the others weren't well enough known. Still, a nice idea and an entertaining hour-and-a-half. The website includes a full list of songs performed, including details of what's in the medleys.
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Wallander [film series]
The Man Who Smiled (aka Mannen som log)
The other Swedish Wallander: between 1994 and 2007, Rolf Lassgård starred in nine TV movies adapting Henning Mankell's novels -- i.e. the stories also being used for the Branagh series (the other Swedish Wallander adapted a Linda Wallander novel followed by original stories).
This, the first BBC Four have brought to the UK, is the sixth film, from 2003, which was adapted by the British series as the second episode of series two. This version is rather different to the British -- the ending is completely changed, for one thing -- and, having already seen two actors portray the role, Lassgård takes some getting used to. He's not bad, though he feels more like your standard TV detective than the more unusual stylings Branagh and Henriksson brought. Plus, although he was the first actor to play the part, he's perhaps come too late to the party for British viewers.


24 exclusive: Fox nixes movie script by Lynette Rice
(from Inside Movies at
Sounds like the movie is still definitely go, just not with this screenplay.

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