Sunday, 2 August 2009


The Mentalist
1x18 Russet Potatoes
A distinctly above-average episode, which managed to avoid some of the early traps I thought it might fall into (regarding the potential uses of hypnotism). Hurrah all round!
[Watch it (again) on Demand Five.]

The Secret Millionaire
3x05 Carl Hopkins
A surprisingly uplifting programme, giving a new perspective on both millionaires (not all so self-obsessed after all) and deprived areas (not all full of worthless chavs after all).
[Watch it (again) on 4oD.]

Tim Minchin: Live
aka Tim Minchin: So F***ing Rock Live
Highly intelligent and incredibly funny, Tim Minchin is a slightly different kind of stand-up. Not just because he's both intelligent and funny -- there are plenty like that around, most notably in this case Eddie Izzard, who Minchin is pleasantly reminiscent of -- but because of the style of his act.
For one, he does lots of comic songs. Minchin is clearly a gifted musician and lyricist, which makes these a proper musical/comedy joy, not just a brief aside now and then.
For another, the actual stand-up part of his act is... awkward. Yes, it's funny, but he takes time to warm into it and offers a lot of faintly philosophical observations rather than a stream of gags or humourous stories. It makes him atypical, but certainly worth the effort with the right frame of mind.


Flags of Our Fathers (2006)
[#39 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]
Marking out big gaps of time for me, this film: it's over a month since I last watched a film, and it's almost two years since I saw the companion film to this.


Review of Kagemusha (1980) by Cal
(from Heroes of the East)
It's rare to ever hear a bad word written about a Kurosawa film (in fact, I'm not sure I ever have), so it makes an interesting change to see one criticised. Still, if anyone could do it and retain my respect and interest, Heroes of the East is near the top of the list.