Monday, 7 September 2009


How I Met Your Mother
1x01 Pilot
I'd paid no heed whatsoever to this in the past, but with E4 just commencing on a from-the-beginning every-night-of-the-week run and the Radio Times praising it as a good Friends-a-like (and I've always liked Friends) it seemed worth a shot.
As first episode's go it's a pretty good one -- they're always awkward beasts, but it managed a good number of laughs among all the setting up. I certainly liked the 2030-set framing device, an unusually bold conceit for a sitcom. Signs are good then.
It might be worth noting that E4 are reportedly cutting the show to fit their pre-watershed timeslot, however. There's a late-night repeat but I've no idea if that's uncut.

Wildest Dreams
Part 6 (of 7)
Well well well, I always thought she'd win it.
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]