Sunday, 8 February 2009


The British Academy Film Awards 2009

Not many surprises here then, though from what I know most of the nods were deserved. It amuses me that bookies had Noel Clarke as third favourite to win the Rising Star Award -- obviously they know nothing of the dedication Doctor Who fans show to current & former cast & crew members, and the ability of Who fandom to swing an online poll whichever way they want.

Aside from a few good speeches and a few good jokes (including a well-timed jibe from Wossy about his recent suspension), perhaps the most notable thing about this year's awards was the BBC's decision to show it across three channels -- the red carpet on BBC Three, the first hour on BBC Two, and the final hour on BBC One. It seems a ridiculous idea, but actually make a lot of sense: when most viewers only care about the tip-top awards, why waste an hour of primetime BBC One with Best Hair & Make-Up and Best Cinematography? I'd be annoyed if they weren't shown at all, but as they were on BBC Two for those of us who are interested, it seems sensible enough to me.

More bemusing was choosing not to show in full the Best Animated Film award (WALL-E!) and Best Animated Short (Wallace & Gromit!), both of which had very popular and notable winners.


Marnie (1964)
[#6 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]

Marnie Trailer
Absolutely brilliant! Hitchcock merrily takes the mick out of his own unreleased film, in the process making it appear even better -- and suggesting it might be a good deal funnier -- than it actually is. I wish more films were trailed like this; though if they were, it would make this shining example less unique and enjoyable. It's on the DVD and I recommend it highly.