Thursday, 28 May 2009


Ashes to Ashes
2x05 Episode Five
A disappointing episode, with Alex behaving ridiculously around the 14-year-old version of her future ex-husband. It must've sounded like a good idea for an episode, but sadly it's poorly handled. Hopefully the remaining three will be as good as previous episodes.
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The Mentalist
1x10 Red Brick and Ivy
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Stand By Me (1986)
[#29 in 100 Films in a Year 2009]


The Complete List Of Tired Movie Cliches by Helen O'Hara
(from the Empire Blog)
Scroll to comment #122 -- it shows why movie clich├ęs are actually a good thing. (And I found it very funny too.)

Fry's Audiobook A Big Hit
(from WENN)
"Stephen Fry's new audiobook has become an online bestseller in just one day. The British writer and funnyman's The Dongle of Donald Trefusis was released as a download through iTunes... In a day, it shot into the top five Top Albums in iTunes' UK and New Zealand stores, and it's already currently the number one spoken word album in United States iTunes' store."
And it is, in fact, #1 across all albums on the UK store! Rather incredible. Well done Mr Fry.

Put the book back on the shelf: 13 book-to-film adaptations that the authors hated by Josh Modell, Keith Phipps, Leonard Pierce, Nathan Rabin, Scott Gordon, Scott Tobias, Tasha Robinson & Zack Handlen
(from A.V. Club)

Review of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian by Roger Ebert
I do like a good review by Ebert. And by "good" I mean well-written, because he doesn't like this at all -- and it's great.