Thursday, 25 March 2010


Doctor Who [new]
2x11 Fear Her [3rd watch]
Watched for Insomniac Whovian on twitter with @frizfrizzle. See the hashtag #FearHer.
Join him and/or us and/or others later (around 1am) for the same thing again with The Awakening (inevitable hashtag: #TheAwakening), which you can also watch legally and for free on the BBC's YouTube channel's Doctor Who section.

FlashForward: What Did You See?
A full-episode-length "Previously on..." covering the first 10 episodes (thanks to a 15-week mid-season hiatus). It was so engrossing I actually fell asleep.
[Watch it (again) on Demand Five.]


Kevin Smith slams "nasty" critics by Catriona Wightman
(from Digital Spy)
On the one hand, he's just getting pissy about bad reviews. On the other, he has a fairly valid point:
"Realised whole system's upside down: so we let a bunch of people see it for free & they s**t all over it?" he posted. "Meanwhile, people who'd REALLY like to see the flick for free are made to pay? Bulls**t: from now on, any flick I'm ever involved with, I conduct critics screenings thusly: you wanna see it early to review it? Fine: pay like you would if you saw it next week.
Why am I giving an arbitrary 500 people power over what I do at all, let alone for free? ... Why's their opinion more valid? It's a backwards system."