Wednesday, 30 September 2009


5x01 Dying Changes Everything
5x02 Not Cancer
I didn't have Sky1 when they started showing House earlier this year; I do now. So with the discovery that they're rolling straight on into season six this Sunday, it's time for an almighty season five catch-up. (There's no way I'll get it done for ep1, but I can aim for ep2.)
Thanks to Five letting it go, it's been an awfully long time since I've watched House (nearly 16 months, in fact) -- it almost feels a little odd to have it back. The Cases of the Week are still as disposable as usual, even when one features Felicia Day, but House's antics with Wilson -- and an excellent new private investigator character -- more than make up for the shortcomings.


John Barrowman talks Who, Torchwood by Neil Wilkes & Chris Allen
(from Digital Spy)
Normally I hate video interviews on sites -- I'd rather skim a transcription than sit through a five-minute video for 30 interesting seconds, thanks -- but these fifteen minutes with Mr Barrowman are packed with interesting stuff. He's one busy man.

Primeval recommissioned for two series
Primeval boss talks renewal, future by Neil Wilkes
(from Digital Spy)
What... but... This makes no kind of logical sense! Still, well done on the producers for securing such an extraordinary deal. I wonder if they'll be wise enough to end series five with a proper conclusion...