Monday, 29 September 2008


Place of Execution
Part 2 (of 3)

The Sarah Jane Adventures Season 2 Cinema Trailer
"From the Makers of Doctor Who" -- never mind the Sontaran stomping around the trailer, there's this notice at the end, just in case you forgot. In my typical fashion, I've had this knocking around for weeks but only got round to watching it half an hour before the series started. "Oops."

The Sarah Jane Adventures
2x01 The Last Sontaran Part One
"She's back, and it's not about time cos that's the show it's spun off from."

The Tudors
2x09 The Act of Treason


The 500 Greatest Movies Of All Time by Simon Braund, Glen Ferris, Ian Freer, Nev Pierce, Chris Hewitt, Dan Jolin, Ian Nathan, Kim Newman, Helen O'Hara, Olly Richards & Owen Willams
(from Empire #233, p.88-172)
Today: 299-258. Almost halfway now...

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