Monday, 23 November 2009


The Graham Norton Show
6x07 (16/11/09 edition)
Yes, last week's.
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Greatest Ever 3D Moments
The centrepiece of Channel 4's 3D Week purports to countdown the top 10 3D moments of all time. In reality, it uses the list format to recount the history of 3D, albeit in jumbled-up fashion thanks to this countdown structure. And it seems as if the top moments were dictated as much by what clips could be found and/or licenced as what is genuinely good 3D. And they were of course discussed by not-very-funny wannabe-famous specialist-knowledge-lacking young comedians, though thankfully the odd expert did show their face. Not a total waste, then, but it was a good idea that couldn't quite be pulled off. Like a lot of 3D week, as it turned out. Or 3D in general.
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